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April 20, 2017
Experience UGA Open House and Fundraiser

6:00-8:00 The State Botanical Garden of Georgia!  All are welcome to support this fantastic program.  RSVP by emailing:   About: The University of Georgia and the Clarke County School District (CCSD) have launched Experience UGA, a new partnership that aims to bring each Clarke County student (PreK-12) to UGAʼs campus every year. Through a variety of field trips, CCSD students participate in hands-on, curricular-based learning activities. Increased exposure to college life through Experience UGA fosters interest in the pursuit of higher education among all 13,000 Clarke County students. Our trips Foster a sense of excitement about higher education. Provide learning and leadership opportunities for UGA students. Provide a fun, interactive learning experience on a college campus for Clarke County students. Meet the curricular goals of school and teachers. Bring together the community and the university. Happen every year at every grade level!

September 15, 2015
Athfest Educates

We are so excited AthFest Educates will be funding our 3rd Grade Trip to the Fine Arts Building, where they will watch a play written and performed by UGA students, participate in drama activities, and learn about animation. Thank you  AthFest Educates! 

August 7, 2014
Experience UGA

It’s been a busy summer.  This year, Experience UGA will host 18 different field trip opportunities, which means there will be approximately 100 days when Clarke County School District (CCSD) students are learning on UGA’s campus!  It has been exciting to see UGA faculty, staff, & students and CCSD administrators & teachers gear up for the school year.

In the Office of Service-Learning, we have also been working on securing funding for trips.  After submitting one of our grant proposals, we received a request for reference letters for Experience UGA.  We contacted the Superintendent, a few principals, and several teachers.  Their responses remind us why this work is so important.  Here a few excerpts from the letters:

 Experience UGA is a unique and innovative opportunity, and one that can and should be a national model. I am very pleased of the close working relationship between the Clarke County School District and University of Georgia. Together, we continue to improve the educational experience for all students – from those in Pre-K to those obtaining a college degree. 

–Dr. Phil Lanoue, Clarke County School District Superintendent

How delightful if this could be the norm for every year and for every grade.  I look forward to this kind of learning experience for my students again in our future.  Better yet, our students will look back on this kind of learning experience…. and remember.

​ –Peggy Bailey, 7th grade teacher,  Clarke Middle School

 My Kindergartners all shared their favorite parts of the visit and expressed a desire to return and see other parts of campus.  I myself love the fact that our early learners are seeing a side of their community that gives them hope and ambition to excel in school and be students themselves on the UGA campus one day… furthering their education and continuing their love of learning.  

​–April Smith, Kindergarten teacher, JJ Harris Elementary School

 ​Even though the students who participated in this field trip are Athens residents, many had never been on the University of Georgia Campus.  This experience left a long-lasting impression on these students who need encouragement and support to see the possibilities of furthering their education. 

​–Gena Webb, Kindergarten ​teacher, Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School

The time spent at UGA was very valuable for our students.  The students were able to visit various campus locations, meet with UGA professors and were able to talk with actual college students.  For so many of our students, this was the very first time they had stepped foot on the university campus even though it sits right here in their town!

​–Scarlett Dunne, Principal, Oglethorpe Avenue​ Elementary School